Paris Was Our Secret Garden

This December, I went to Paris for a couple of days to visit one of my best and oldest friends, Amélie. Accompanied by my English partner in crime and this girl who probably knows me more than I do myself, after a nice and well-deserved cup of tea, we first headed to the Galeries Lafayette and went up the seven or eight floors to eventually reach the rooftop, where an extraordinary wildlife photography exhibition was taking place, and where – above all – one can gaze at this majestic, sumptuous, and somewhat magical view over the city of love.

I entitled this photograph ‘Paris was our secret garden’, and whispered these few words to the StarNgage team’s ears, slowly revealing bits and pieces of the story behind the picture… I remember going up one of these Parisian rooftops. I remember your smile. I remember the look in your eyes. I remember the view and how happy it made me to see it next to you. I remember the cold wind. I remember your embrace and the pear & chocolate tart we shared. I remember this day as if it was yesterday, and for nothing in the entire world would I ever want to forget this wonderfully simple and intimate moment.

Today, this shot was featured as Travel Photo of The Day by StarNGage… Check it out on the their website!


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