Numb [Short Film Review]

The death of a loved one hurts. A lot. That’s undeniable. But the way a loss is handled can do even more harm than the death of the relative itself. Very often, after someone close has passed away, there is a certain period of time – that’s more or less long – where the people who are still alive have the emotional range of a robot, in other words, none. They feel nothing – good or bad. Nothing at all.

So they try to numb the pain. Just like Astrid does, in writer and director Penelope Lawson’s short film, NUMB. The young woman struggles to feel something again after the recent loss of her boyfriend, with whom she was sharing a flat… She falls into a very dark abyss leading her to a world of insane promiscuity. Will she reach the point of no return? This is the question the audience is left with at the end of this effective, visually poignant, and thought-provoking piece of cinema.



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