The Temptation Game [Short Film Review]

Infidelity brings about a whole lot of different feelings and thoughts to women and men. But the ways this plague is handled varies depending on who’s been cheated on. It’s always been said that women have a very complex psychology, but it’s true.

French writer, director, and producer Charline Odiot’s very first short film, The Temptation Game, illustrates this complexity to perfection. Showcased at the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival in 2015, the film tells the story of a young and recently married couple that gets into the extremely mischievous game of Laura, testing the fidelity of her husband, Charlie, who had cheated on her before their wedding.

During this ‘temptation game’, the character of Laura perfectly epitomizes the legendary complicated feminine psychology on these matters, contrasting with the masculine psychology represented by the character of a rather confused husband.

Featuring a lot of nude scenes which could make some audiences feel discomfort, The Temptation Game nevertheless has this extraordinary quality of highlighting the beauty of the human body.

The film won a Remi Award at the Houston International Film Festival in 2016 and is distributed by and on television worldwide by Shorts International. The writer, director, and producer, Charline Odiot also worked on a few other intriguing short films, such as Postcards from Paris, What Is Wrong with Us?, Amalgame, Summer Memories, and Solitude.




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