Magic Moments #30 – Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

Like every 31 December, it’s time to press pause for a little while and look at the last four seasons of 2016, the last 365 days and their ups and downs, their smiles and tears, breakthroughs and failures, joys and tragedies. 

The new year always comes with its lot of thoughts and new promises. So right here, right now, sat in the beige sofa of a friend’s friend, I obviously see the terrible images the press has served in magazines and on TV; I do see all of the bad… but I also choose to see all of the good. I choose to see what a great and unforgettable one 2016 has been for me. And at that moment, I’m not particularly eager to say goodbye to it. 

Despite having battled depression and anxiety on most days, I choose to think of all the wonderfully talented people I have met and talked to and befriended. I choose to think of one of my dreams that has come true as I attended art school in London and completed a MA in arts and lifestyle journalism, as well as wrote a book, which I’m about to release this January. And I choose to think of the day I met and all of the times I was inspired, encouraged, pushed, challenged, and endlessly supported by the one I call my home, my closest and best friend, and my partner in crime, who’s made the ordinary every day feel extraordinary, filling it with many adventures and a lot of love. 

Thinking of all of these things, it seems scary to now dive into 2017, fearing it might not be as incredible. But I want to look at this new year as the beginning of a new chapter – one whose ending has yet to be imagined, one in which I won’t wait for doors to open but one where I will build the doors myself, one where many things are going to be different, where I will be brave and face obstacles, and where I will be kind and have my arms wide open, one where I’ll work on new dreams and where the only person I want next to me when they come true is there holding my hand, a chapter that’ll relentlessly be dictated by the beat of my heart and nothing else. 

Happy 2017! Here’s to four new seasons of unforgettable adventures! 

🌷 SPRING 2016 🌷

☀️ SUMMER 2016 ☀️

🍁 AUTUMN 2016 🍁

❄️ WINTER 2016 ❄️


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