Little Moments Of The Christmas Holidays 2016 – From London & Back To France

I used to love Christmas. And I suppose I still do. But ever since I lost my dad last year, all I’m coming back to every December is an uncheerful, sad, and empty town, where my grandparents still live, where every day looks the same, where the four flowery walls of my bedroom are my only sights, and where I have close to zero independence. Don’t get me wrong though – the countryside is nice but circumstances change everything…

I love my grandparents, but I left the tranquility of Burgundy and started moving to more bustling cities seven years ago and have been living on my own ever since, learning, growing, and becoming the woman I am today without the help of anyone in my family. So suddenly coming back to the nest of a past I tend to only want to forget, for a season I know my grandpa and my grandma don’t particularly like, definitely doesn’t help me get in the festive mood. Even decorating the Christmas tree or making the traditional Christmas log didn’t bring the holiday cheer back from the last time it was there.

But I must say I was pretty lucky this year to have both my brother and my best friend from the UK with me for a couple of days. I also keep myself busy with work, trying not to be too disconnected from my actual life, and also procrastinate when I’m in a lazier mood, which happened quite a lot these past few days, when I captured nothing and everything and shared it all on my favourite social network, aka Instagram, as well as on one I’m just starting to use that is Snapchat. From London and back to France, the quick video below presents some of the little moments of this year’s Christmas holidays.

© Music – ‘The Hidden Door’ by Esther Garcia (via Jamendo)


2 Commentaires

  1. 29th décembre 2016 / 4:10

    That cover thumbnail is too cute, love it!

    Let me know how you get on with Snapchat, it’s the ONLY app I’m yet to embrace, so maybe you can teach me things.

    Lovely post, have an amazing 2017 (do it for dad)

    – )

    • Marie
      29th décembre 2016 / 5:37

      Thank you :) Just getting used to it, but I’m not far from mastering the whole thing ;)
      Have a wonderful 2017 too x

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