TEN, The First Monograph Of Work By Artist Andrew Salgado


Currently hosting Canadian artist Andrew Salgado’s latest solo show, The Snake, Beers London, which turned into some sort of Garden to welcome the colourful yet somehow dark and bruised paintings of the painter, is releasing TEN this December, the first monograph of work by the artist. The book, now available for pre-order at the gallery or on their website (www.beerslondon.com), surveys the artistic practice of the painter since 2006, the year of his first solo exhibition, Boys’ Night Out, and celebrates his first decade of work.

The 280-page hardcover features images of Salgado’s paintings including his most recent ones, i.e. ‘The Fool Makes A Joke At Midnight’ and some from his Orlando tribute show The Snake, never-seen-before source material, photographs of the artist in his studio, as well as his processes and inspirations ranging from classical antiquity and Greek mythology to Paul Gauguin and Francis Bacon, and more contemporary artists such as Daniel Richter and Tal R.

The release of the book and its signing will coincide with an exhibition at The Gallery of the Canadian High Commission in Trafalgar Square in London, opening on 12 January 2017.

Designed by Modern Activity London, the monograph includes texts from Edward Lucie-Smith, Tony Godfrey, Kurt Beers, Jonathan Sharples, Richard Stemp, and a new foreword by David Lisa, the Artistic Director and Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto, who also curated the exhibition at the Gallery of the Canadian High Commission featuring works from 2006 to 2016.

Also entitled TEN, the exhibition is a coming-of-age story covering the past ten years, during which Andrew has painted pictures of himself and people around him, each time loading the representations of his subjects with reflections on his life and experiences.

‘Like masks, his portraits conceal as much about Andrew and his sitters as they reveal. Their surfaces are alive and theatrical. Vigorous painterly gestures, enlivened compositions, and buoyant flourishes of colour only barely cloak a darker psychic dissonance as he grapples with the brutal realities of our mortal existence,’ Kurt Beers, director of Beers London and author of 100 Painters of Tomorrow, writes at the start of the monograph. ‘His pictures are like songs and poems that seek to come to terms with the ups and downs; the fears, the failed hopes and the disillusionment familiar to us all as we experience the chaos and turmoil of life. It’s not always a ‘bed of roses’ as they say, and through his work Andrew confronts this existential bleakness head-on.’

TEN, both the book and the upcoming survey exhibition, is to present a selection of Salgado paintings, and explore his practice to learn about the thoughts and emotions of a growing and evolving artist, whose modus operandi is described by Kurt Beers as ‘simultaneously cynical and Romantic, nostalgic but detached, sensitive but crude… it seems to represent his artistic perspective entirely’.

© Visuals: Andrew Salgado / Beers London 

'TEN': Survey Exhibition & book launch and signing
Beers London & The Gallery of the Canadian High Commission in Trafalgar Square
12 January 2017 (inc. signing) – 28 February 2017

'The Snake' at Beers London 
Beers Gallery - 1 Baldwin Street London EC1V 9NU
12 November - 17 December, 2016



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