Behind The Scenes Of Internationally Acclaimed Short Film ‘MAYA’

While on a trip to his home country a few years ago, film director Veemsen Lama witnessed the horrifying poverty some children were living in. From this experience, he created the universal story of MAYA and turned it into a short film. ‘MAYA is about survival, hopes and dreams’, Veemsen explains.

Shot in Nepali language, the film relates the life of three homeless children, Maya, Bikram and Kancha, who escape from the slave traders, only to find themselves trapped in the heart of Kathmandu in Nepal. Vulnerable, penniless and alone, they are forced to live their life on the streets with only hopes and dreams of happiness.

MAYA’s story has touched more than one heart, in more than one country. Over the past year, the short film has been selected and nominated at numerous festivals around the world, including Raindance Film Festival 2015 where it was part of the official selection, and acclaimed internationally; MAYA won “Best International Short Film” at the London Independent Film Festival 2016, “BKSTS Student Film Of The Year” at Bradford Widescreen Weekend 2015, and “Best Foreign Film” at El Dorado International Film Festival 2016.

Behind the scenes #1

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A year and a half after the end of the shoot in the Nepalese capital, director Veemsen Lama and his crew announce the online release of this award-winning short film. In order for the film’s audience to enjoy this touching story from home until the end of time, MAYA has been made available online on Vimeo on Demand for rent ($1.49 for a 48-hour streaming period) or purchase ($2.99), and on Youtube for free.

But why pay for something when you can have it for free, you’ll ask? Well if it isn’t to encourage creative spirits, may it at least be to support a good cause. Choosing to watch MAYA on Vimeo on Demand instead of YouTube means that you’d support the children in Nepal while comfortably sitting on your butt, instead of supporting nothing but only bear with a selfish little you while comfortably sitting on your butt.

The short film’s director, Veemsen Lama, and his producer, Tom Cullingham, had just come back from Nepal when a destructive earthquake stroke the country in May last year. Shortly after this tragedy, both men managed to raise £850 for a new earthquake-proof home as well as £1,400 for C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal, Freedom Matters and MAITI Nepal. Today, the team continues to support C.H.A.N.C.E for Nepal (Children’s Health and Nutrition Care and Education helps under-privileged children) and MAITI Nepal by donating 25% of their ‘Vimeo’ profits to the two associations, in support of their continued efforts to help the children and families, who fell victim to the devastating quake.

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Watch the short film and support the children in Nepal while sitting on your butt

Watch the short film for free

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