Get Ready To Feel Dizzy With Instagrammer Angela Nikolau


Completely disturbed and incredibly daring, 23-year-old Angela Nikolau is a self-taught photographer from Moscow. She travels the world with her boyfriend, Ivan, and takes the craziest and most vertiginous and dizzying selfies from the edge of incredibly high buildings, and poses in front of some breathtaking cityscapes.

“No limit, no control” is her Instagram tagline. A motto that matches the total daredevil that this rooftopper girl is.

Angela’s photos in altitude are both mind-blowing and terrifying at the same time, leaving her followers slightly dizzy for the rest of their day.

Please beware that Angela doesn’t wear any equipment whatsoever, so do not attempt to do this yourself, as you might get hurt or die.


© All visuals by Angela Nikolau

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