‘Satisfied’ by Balcony: Music Video Released

After the release of their track, Satisfied, London-based band Balcony have recently shared their associated music video, a beautiful and elegant blend of real and surreal, produced by Wood Cut Films.

The dreamlike and psychedelic video showcases a sensual dance, leading the protagonists through a series of areas – feeling like one is falling deeper and deeper into a somewhat uneven dream. “The director was inspired by music videos and films of Spike Jonze like Bjork’s It’s So Quiet and Being John Malkovich and some work of David Lynch, especially Twin Peaks and the recent film Love by Gaspar Noe.” the band told Noisey.

Alongside the video, the breathtaking record fits to perfection. Cadenced by ethereal vocals, the track does feel like a delicate touch on your skin and shivers in your heart.


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