Andrew Buckner & The Struggle Of Being A Writer [Writing Review]


Film enthusiast and writer Andrew Buckner has been writing film and book reviews for about twenty years, which he publishes on his blog A Word of Dreams. Besides opinion articles, Andrew also does some creative writing, being the author of over 120 self-published books – for sale on Amazon. From poetry books and novels to horror stories and diverse screenplays, Andrew has tried a bit of everything.

Co-author of “Whispers In The Darkness”, a runner-up in The Great Lakes International Film Festival Screenplay Competition in 2012, and a writer for, Andrew always has a hold on his pen.

Among his many publications, the poetry collection We Roar Like Crickets: 106 Haikuis and his novelette Weary Travellers both reflect the struggles of being a writer. Highly personal, these two works tackle issues such as rejection and the blank page, and feelings such as fear and pain – the hurt and the suffocating of sometimes not being able to pen on paper and turn ink into words, and lines into stories. However, both of these works are also a celebration of this heart-wrenching, yet beautiful process.

His novel, Weary Travellers, tells the story of 74-year-old William Le Crux, a writer and lonely man, who’s still a bit naively dreaming his literary dream. One day, when going to Mel’s Tavern, he meets a woman who claims to be the main character from his last finished novel, « Jessica’s Romance », which was completed twelve years ago. As the conversation goes, the man feels the inspiration slowly being reborn and his dream awaken again.

Despite the uneven rhythm, which leads to an end that falls short and that I found slightly confusing, the story is nevertheless punctuated by passages of pure beauty and delicate intimacy. Weary Travellers is an original take on the situation of most writers, but above all a love story between the artist and his art.


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