Balcony’s Tales Of Love

Balcony by Kate Woods (tales of love)

© Photo by Kate Woods

Our lives are stories that are being told every minute of every day. They are shaped by all of these things that make life worth living. All of these things that make Earth a happy place.

It is the dream you dream at night. The starry sky wrapping you in its immensity. It is the universe you find in a person. The gentle touch on your cheek – like a feather landing on your skin. Their hand brushing against yours. Their hand running through your hair. It is all of those tight hugs and eye contacts held for some extra seconds longer.

It is love.

It’s always been about love.

Some of us capture them. These instants, these tokens of a worthy life. And London-based band Balcony are no exception to the rule.

The newly released Satisfied is dreamy and sensual; it is a voluptuous dance cadenced by Jamie’s ethereal and glistening vocals, and carried by a beat that’s – little by little – dragging the audience deeper into the band’s psychedelic and surreal universe.

Both of their released songs, Satisfied and Don’t Leave Me Blind, are their very own captions of the most precious gem of all. Their very own tales of love.

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