One Song #5 – Memories of You by Turner Cody

turner cody

Mondays always have that scrap of nostalgia from the weekend, that piece of time easily come and quickly gone, and now lost – or almost. Little joys and dramas, shy smiles and tears, big and small moments. Words. Silences… All of it is gone the minute you wake up in the morning. All of it is gone, except from the memories.

In his song, Memories of You, extracted from his new album ‘Plans and Schemes’ (2015), Turner Cody offers a sweet lullaby reflecting on a golden past. Warm, honest, simple, genuine, and true, the singing and the music are like diamonds in their natural state – rough. Rough but beautiful.

Memories of You is uplifted by an equally fantastic video clip by Maxime Jacquard, where the camera is panning across New York and slowly revealing bits and pieces of the city in black and white, in tune with the retro vibe inhabiting Turner.

Walking in the footsteps of Bob Dylan, Woodie Guthrie, or Daniel Johnston, Turner Cody is a singer and songwriter in the pure American tradition. He plays bass for Herman Düne, lives in Ridgewood, Queens, with his wife Madeleine Valentine, and is one of the representatives of the anti-folk genre, which the artist sees « more as a social thing than a musical one ».

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turner cody

I've got so many memories of you,
 Some are black as coal and some are blue,
 Some come knockin' like a stranger in the dark and walk on through,
 I've got so many memories of you.

I've got so many needles on a string,
 I've got two for every one you bring,
 And we are cold and wet but they haven't licked us yet like they said they'd do,
 I've got so many memories of you.

Your innocence is gone and your hair is gray,
 You don't mean exactly what you say,
 But after all this time I'm reminded of the things that we went through,
 I've got so many memories of you.
I don't care what the rain brings, no,
 All I care is if you're out in it you'll tell me so.

Once when you were down you asked me, "please,
 There's a part of me nobody sees,
 But what else can I do to be someone who they'll all say they knew?",
 I've got so many memories of you.

I've got so many memories of you.

© Tummy Touch Records – Echo Orange Publishing

© Photos Turner Cody –


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