Let’s look at the world a little differently

Let's look at the world a little differently

Initially an advert for Coca-Cola (2012), this video inviting people to ‘look at the world a little differently’ has resurfaced on my Facebook feed this week and eases off on the stigma around security cameras.

At a time when security measures have considerably increased all over Europe, it’s nice to try to look at the brighter side of the drastic-looking rules.

In addition to their role of prevention, this video reminds us that security cameras also capture some amazing, and warm, fuzzy feeling moments. Set to the song “Give a Little Bit” by Rodger Hodgson, the ad features people stealing kisses, music addicts, harmless soldiers, honest pickpockets, and potato chip dealers. Attacks of friendship, love, and kindness. Friendly gangs, unexpected firemen, rebels with a cause and peaceful warriors. A lot of crazy people, and a few crazy heroes.


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