Let’s look at the world a little differently

Let's look at the world a little differently

Initially an advert for Coca-Cola (2012), this video inviting people to ‘look at the world a little differently’ has resurfaced on my Facebook feed this week and eases off on the stigma around security cameras.

At a time when security measures have considerably increased all over Europe, it’s nice to try to look at the brighter side of the drastic-looking rules.

In addition to their role of prevention, this video reminds us that security cameras also capture some amazing, and warm, fuzzy feeling moments. Set to the song « Give a Little Bit » by Rodger Hodgson, the ad features people stealing kisses, music addicts, harmless soldiers, honest pickpockets, and potato chip dealers. Attacks of friendship, love, and kindness. Friendly gangs, unexpected firemen, rebels with a cause and peaceful warriors. A lot of crazy people, and a few crazy heroes.


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