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The biggest & most awesome news of the week! 

As I was coming back from a casual night out with friends, sat on the Tube, and scrolling down my Facebook feed like you do, I stumbled upon an amazing piece of writing published on Thought Catalog… The piece truly moved me.

I read the words and I could completely identify and find myself, lose myself, in them. They were living, breathing, and beautiful, somewhere in east London, on an usual Saturday night ride.


© Photo by Diet Munhoz 

I first found out about Thought Catalog when I first came to live in England, say three years ago – right about the same time I started writing my own blog. It took me one second to click on a link to a TC piece, a few minutes to read it, and probably only just a week of addiction to be absolutely smitten by this confessional publication and “behemoth of online publishing” as The Washington Post put it.

Writing for Thought Catalog then naturally became one of my goals and dreams…

I wrote a piece at the beginning of the month, but for some reason, never found the courage to publish it on my site… personal reasons, I guess. But on Sunday morning, I took a little leap of faith and contacted one of my favourite contemporary writers and producers of the magazine to try to get those words I had written out there anyway… because, you know, anything’s always worth a try.

No later than Tuesday, I got an answer saying: “Hi Marie. It’s so wonderful that you reached out to me, and that my words had an impact on you, thousands of miles away. That’s truly inspiring and exciting, and I’m so very thankful. I read your piece and I do think that it would do well on Thought Catalog. I’ve decided to publish it, and I hope in doing so, you will find strength :).

gif wendyReading this, I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy, and couldn’t quite really believe one of my dreams had just come true. I shared this piece of writing with only my best friends and my brother first and still can’t believe I’m about to hit the ‘Publish’ button and share it with you too.

It’s a wonderful new adventure that’s just begun and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have some of my words published and have become a TC writer over just a few days.

Life’s crazy sometimes. But the good kind of crazy. It’s quite a journey and it’s wonderful!


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