‘Chyanti’ teaser trailer

Nepalese filmmaker Veemsen Lama’s next short film, Chyanti, is being edited to hopefully be released this summer and share this new story, which embarks its audience on a journey throughout Mustang, in Nepal.

Chyanti tells the story of Ram, a guerrilla fighter, a father and a husband who – in the midst of the Maoist revolution – returns home to celebrate the festival of Dashain, only to realise that if he is to feed his family and send his daughter to school, he must sell Chyanti, the family goat, so beloved by his daughter, Sani.

Today, the crew released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming short, hoping it will encourage more people to help them complete their film, release it on time, and give it the exposure it deserves in the numerous national and international festivals.

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Contribute to Chyanti via Indiegogo & get a special thank you credit + any other perk you might choose from :)

Click Click Click the link… * https://igg.me/at/thefilmchyanti/x *

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Follow the journey!

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/theshortfilmchyanti

TWITTER: twitter.com/thefilmchyanti

YOUTUBE: youtube.com/channel/UCyrF-vT-RujXW8MC36Ej1og

IMDB: imdb.com/title/tt5157072


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