Dirty Books [Short Film Review]

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What a struggle for old-school and old-fashioned romantics, willing to live their lives following the pace of a good old novel and to the sound of its pages flipping, to be in a world that is more and more digitalised! Everyday, they face the constant conflict between their craving for concrete and substantial feelings and the platitude the insensitive digital reality is giving them.

High school student David Burrough (Noah Bailey) is certainly one of those now so rare creatures. So when his high school’s newspaper is threatened to be transformed into an online blog by Dr. Bradley (Timothy J. Cox) forced to apply cuts to some school’s departments including the gazette, David seeks out the best story within the halls of Prichard Hall School that will save the newspaper…even if the story is completely untrue. So when his friend unintentionally suggests him to make something up, adding « people need to see it for them to care. », the young editor-in-chief undertakes the secret and quite fastidious mission to cut and paste what then appears to be pornographic content in some of the books that are occupying the shelves of the school’s library.

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Through this authentic story, film director Zachary Lapierre is calling on his film’s audience and urging them to read the printed words.

Dirty Books is a call for help. Help to support the printed words in all its forms, may it be newspapers, magazines, or books.

What this short film is trying to say isn’t to stop the digital era from getting on with what it’s doing, it is asking to keep up with some sensible traditions, such as reading printed novels or meeting up with a friend for coffee or tea instead of just being satisfied with an umpteenth catch-up chat on the internet.

Dirty Books is saying that reading on computers, tablets and any other modern technology is fine – because no one can fight progress – but since it can never replace the experience of reading words printed on paper, it is essential for some old-fashioned believers to carry on with some more rudimentary, simple and often already-forgotten lifestyles.

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