A PICTURE OF US [Short Film Review]

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Don’t lie! Valentine’s day will be here very soon now, and all the good old cheesy romantic comedies hidden in the dusty drawers are about to come out this weekend and ruin the home DVD player. Pretty accurate, isn’t it? 

A Picture Of Us is no less cheesy/romantic/Valentine’s day material, but it has the advantage of being something new to many people. Directed by Nepalese filmmaker Veemsen Lama, this short film is the beautifully simple story of two strangers – an eager photographer and a waitress aspiring to become a great writer – crossing paths one night on the South Bank and instantly connecting. As they walk along the river Thames, they get to know each other and create an everlasting bond.

Uplifted by the grace of London’s night lights and skyline, A Picture Of Us is a wonderful retelling of all these encounters that have the power to change lives forever. It’s the oldest, simplest, most beautiful, magical and transformative story in the world – that of two souls simply connecting and experiencing the magnetism of the unknown.

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Through another beautifully simple story, Veemsen Lama has once again proved the immensity of his heart as a filmmaker, and reminds his audience that what matters most is our hearts and what’s in them.

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