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‘Love. It’s almost the smallest word I know. If it was an object I might drop it or forget it because it’s so tiny. But it’s not a small feeling, even though it grows from a moment as small as an apple pip.’, Susan Fletcher writes in her novel, A little in love

In exactly seven days, most people will celebrate their love and affection throughout the world. Cards, chocolates, flowers, diners for two and midnight strolls in some romantic locations will fill this day.

But what about something more simple and more special, and free at the same time?

* * *

This year, I’d like to invite you to take part in a very straightforward project I called Spread the Love. In this world where hate is way too often present, I like to praise the importance of celebrating the love in our lives. Family, friends, lover. All of these people bring a shy little something in our everyday existence through what they say or do for us, with us, to us. This small word but gigantic feeling is none but love itself.

The idea behind Spread the Love is that somewhere, someone’s waiting for a few words from you or just for a lovely little thought that’ll brighten up their day, week, even month! Who knows?

I therefore suggest you use each and every day of this Valentine’s week to send a few lovely words, a short message, or even just a heart emoticon or something similar to let some of the people in your life know that you care about them, that you think they’re amazing and beautiful.

This project is not about writing a 9-page love letter, a poem, or making a work of art out of what these people mean to you. It’s about sending these ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ texts, it’s about saying ‘you’re beautiful’, ‘I hope you’re feeling better’, or ‘you’ve just made my day’. It’s about saying all of these little things we never take the time and courage to say.

Spread the Love is about speaking from the heart in the most straightforward way possible.

So, are you in? 


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