The Revenant [Film Review]

279259Love can move mountains‘, so the saying goes, but in The Revenant, this statement has never been more relevant…

The latest film of Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu tells the story of a 19th-century fur trapper, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), who, after being attacked by a savage bear, is left for dead by two of his fellow men, survivors of the tribesmen-warriors’ assault, namely the young Jim Bridger (Will Poulter) and John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy).

After having killed his son and decided to leave Glass die in agony, both men are on their way back to the American base, where they hope to pick up their extra pay for supposedly having taken care of the vigorous fur trapper until his last breath, and given him a seemly burial.


But Glass survives. And in the name of his love for his late wife and son, his will to avenge himself becomes his only motivation to stay alive. He hence undertakes a rough and brutal journey across thousands of miles in a hostile environment, where he’s faced with an extreme cold, some visceral eating of raw liver and sleeping in a dead horse’s carcass, as well as confronted with the immensity and strength of the natural elements surrounding him.

Short of dialogues, The Revenant’s powerful story is uplifted by the astonishing cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki, taking the viewers on a harsh trip from Argentina to Canada and making them experience the brute and beautiful greatness of nature – from powerful and dazzling snow whirls to gorgeous glowing twilights.

The Revenant is a journey to hell and back, a story of survival and bold willingness to fight in the name of love. It’s two and a half hours of beautiful, brutal, and gripping storytelling.

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