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Balcony© Photo by Kate Woods

In the footsteps of Coldplay and London Grammar, Balcony is a recently-created London-based band, composed of four music enthusiasts, namely Jamie, Jack, Dave and Johno. In one of John Kennedy’s latest X-Posure Radio X podcasts, the band plays three of their songs and talks about their debuts on the London pop music scene.

The band started off as just Jack and Jamie writing together, when they met about two years ago. A year later, they were joined by Dave and Johno, and Balcony was born. In their intense mix of sounds, Jamie is the singer and keyboard player, while Jack plays guitar, Dave plays bass and Johno plays drums.

In terms of inspiration, Jamie explains his is more electronic, while Jack is a big fan of the Rolling Stones, Johno’s a hip hop enthusiast, and Dave used to play in a ‘hard core metal band’. During their interview on live radio, the four artists proved this richness by playing three of their songs…

Their sound is very aerial, almost galactic and takes you to what appears to be a completely different dimension, while being very sweet to the ear. They started with ‘Satisfied‘, the very first song they wrote together, followed by ‘Don’t leave me blind‘, for which a music video is coming up soon. This second song is very soulful and uplifted by its beats and lyrics, and feels like a sea breeze going through your ribcage. They finished this radio session by playing their latest song, ‘Patience‘, also written together.

Balcony’s music is a moving combination of words and melodies – the first one can’t exist without the other, and vice versa. With simple lyrics and themes of universal concern, enhanced by delicate and passionate sounds, the London band is on a pretty good path to take over a part of the pop scene and thrill more than one pop enthusiast.



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