Winter Wonderland


In midst of the current turmoil affecting the world, I find that winter possesses a certain kind of magic. While most people desperately try to find the best remedy to fight the winter/January blues, I – on the other end of the spectrum – tend to see it as a beautiful season.

For as long as I can remember, winter has always been synonymous with hot chocolate, tea, chocolate bars, cosy Sunday afternoons, good books, good films, warm clothes, warm hugs, the mesmerising beauty of the cold, ice skating, snowy weather and magic.

Should one wonder what it looks like down the rabbit hole around that time of the year, it would probably be something a little magical like that, something a little like the winter paradise emerging each year in the middle of the British capital, something a little like Winter Wonderland.

Amusement parks have never really been my bag, or more accurately, the huge attractions that turn your head upside down never have. I like the simple and good old merry-go-rounds, the lights almost messing with your head, but in a nice way, the christmas markets, the laughs and merry screams, the teddy bears hanging at the various stalls and waiting to find their new family, and generally everything that makes me breathe happiness.

Down the infinite aisles at Winter Wonderland, the olfactory encounter with candy floss, lollies, hot chocolate, gingerbread, popcorn, but also mulled wine and pretzels is unavoidable.

And surrounded by all the lights, it feels like the stars have fallen from the sky to simply honour us, mere humans, of their heartwarming presence, and build this fantastic magical land we’re now a part of…

(But nothing without a little help from the fairies, of course!)

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