Nuit étoilée


For the first time tonight since I first came to live in London, I heard the birds sing. Sweet baby birds singing in the trees of the small court in front of the council houses next to my flat. How beautifully unexpected! They’ve probably always been singing but I guess, I was never truly ready to hear them out.

Hearing them tonight felt like a little magic spell on me… like I was well and truly back on track. Back to my life, back to myself.


My eyes open and filling in with magic and unexpected beauty, found in everything and everyone.

It feels good… It feels great…

Being back.

Barely out of Oxford Circus tube station a few days before taking the Eurostar back to France for Christmas, an entire galaxy within reach was right in front of my astounded eyes. Oh, the magic did happen, but for some reason, this magic is way more vivid now, looking back at this galaxy through this bunch of photos, then it was when I was experiencing it ‘for real’.

There aren’t many starry nights in London, but tonight will be one of them.



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