Paris is kissing – Dancing in the city of love

Dance. Pray. Love. Paris.

‘Paris is kissing – Dancing in the city of love’ is the first video of the new YouTube channel, DOT MOVE.

The choreographer, Redha Medjellekh, wanted to give birth to both a digital and real piece of art to honour the beautiful French capital, and heal the wounds of the past year.

Paris will never be a city of terror, for Paris will always be the city of love!

“Following the dramatic year we’ve just gone out of, I wanted to remind, through the universal language that is dance, Paris’ fundamentals – love and movement”, Redha told The Huffington Post.

In this video, Redha also celebrated union, especially thanks to the diversity of her dancers and dance styles. “My subject is dance and I like to bring it where one doesn’t expect it”, she also said to the team of The Huffington Post.

Her next video will be about one of her friends, another dancer, who was diagnosed with cancer but who will soon be able to dance again…

Stay put! 


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