Survival Playlist ♥

IMG_8036My headphones are on, play is pressed on my iPhone, and here I go again. Get lost in a crowd. Get lost in the noisy city. Seeing everything and not hearing a thing but the soundtrack of my survival.

I am lost but found. Found by these people who once wrote their pain, their grief, down, these people who once turned their feelings into art.

And because art never worries anyone, we keep on making it.

Music saves lives. Music helps you survive. It makes you realise there are other people out there who are going through or have been going through the same or a similar situation as you are right now. And knowing that you’re not alone is a grand feeling, especially in the middle of what then seems like an insensitive and shallow crowd of strangers.

I’m back home now. I drop my backpack, hang my coat, have a quick drink and lie in bed. Eyes closed, headphones on again and this playlist playing the songs of my survival. I’m still here but not quite.



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