Christmas cheer loading! [Homemade wallpapers]

The Christmas cheer is loading, advents calendars are already open and christmas trees are probably up and running too! No doubt, it’s well and truly Santa month! And in order for you all to get in an even cheerier and merrier mood you might already be in, here are three christmassy wallpapers for your computers :)

Who knows?! They may even help you go through your finals and handle all of your deadlines, in short help you make it to the end of term safely :)

Download them full size HERE !

To everyone who’s taking finals this week and the next one, as well as to those struggling with any kinds of deadlines, I only have a short message for you: Good luck! And please, remember to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights on your way back home, they’re only here for about a month and they’ll remind you of all the magic there still is in this world :) 

Love always ♥

Computer-Display xmas 2
Computer-Display xmas 1
Computer-Display xmas 3

Xmas Wallpaper 1

xmas wallpaper 2

Xmas Wallpaper 2

xmas wallpaper 1


Xmas Wallpaper 3

xmas wallpaper 3


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