It was like a sea of gold and blue

Hey guys! Today, I’m handing over to one of my best friends Amelie, who is a very gifted young writer. 

For her first time here, she decided to share a text about California, which I find particularly poignant and beautiful! 

Loads of love ♥ Marie 

* * *

California BABY

It was like a sea of gold and blue. But more peaceful. Infinite. Just the car, the sun, the abandoned barns and us. Driving across the wild, our disturbing thoughts forgotten.

Would the road end at one point? Would it brutally stop and would we jump off the cliff? Would a new landscape appear and civilization be back? We had no idea about what would or could happen but we kept driving. As if our lives depended on it. As if something unknown and ancient was pushing us forward.

Questions were mingling in our minds, scorching and unanswered. We offered them to the wild. And meadows took them away so we could ease the fever.

How rich our surroundings were! How intense and powerful! Bigger than all of us but welcoming and pacific. The beauty of nature relies in its dangers. We think we have tamed it. We think we are smart and that we expanded our civilizations beyond what had been imagined before. And She just looks at us, half-amused, half-sad. Sad for us and our disdain for Her wonders. So sometimes, it just feels good to be silent and let the wild get you.


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