Hillarys Crafternoon at Drink, Shop & Do! (Contest inside)

Talking about these happy little things of life that seem so shallow after such a tragedy hit my family is no easy thing to do, but it’s not because my world has stopped turning for a while that the rest of the universe is frozen too. And so, no matter what, you kinda have to keep moving, until you find the right pace again. Well… I suppose so.


Just like yesterday I went to university and attended my first multimedia journalism class, today, I’m coming back here, in this little universe I created a couple of years ago to talk about last Sunday, when I attended my first Joe’s Bloggers‘ event at Drink, Shop & Do in London…

This event was all dedicated to the release of Hillarys‘ new ‘Jewel’ fabric/curtain collection and in order for them to promote their new patterns, they invited a lovely bunch of bloggers to create jewellery boxes and Suffolk Puffs using their new very flowery, i.e. quintessentially British, fabrics (although there are some exceptions!)…

IMG_7865 IMG_7859 IMG_7857 IMG_7853 IMG_7852 IMG_7851 IMG_7850 IMG_7849 IMG_7848 IMG_7847 IMG_7864

I must admit I wouldn’t personally hang such flowery and colourful curtains in my living room (at least not until I’m a very old lady who only lives with her cats and spends her days reading books, drinking tea and eating biscuits! :p); I’d rather have some more neutral colours and minimalist patterns to adorn my windows!

IMG_7855 IMG_7868

But the afternoon was lovely anyway and that was mostly thanks to the awesome and cutest venue ever, the presence of two great crafty ladies from The Crafty Hen (without whom we sure wouldn’t have achieved much!), as well as very nice bloggers, who were all from the local area!


Going to that Crafternoon was really nice and getting to meet some adorable London bloggers, such as Catarina (What Cat Says – she’s the girl on the photo below this paragraph who created the awesome hair accessory she’s wearing!), Rosie (Damsel in This Dress), Laura (Frocks & Flowers) and so many others, was a great way to disconnect from my ‘hell on Earth’! :/



Besides, I would like to offer to one of you the jewellery box I created (I won’t give away the Suffolk Puff for the only but extremely good reason that it is quite a disaster, which is why I’d like to try to make something out of it that’ll make it look a little less bad – like maybe sewing it to my camera’s boring Canon lace ^^).

If you wish to participate and try to win this lovely jewellery box I made with all my love (and which is cute and as minimalist as possible :p!), please simply leave a comment under this blog before Friday, 16 October and tell me why you’d like to receive it! As you’ve seen on the different photos, it is composed of 2 fabric rolls forming a ring older and 1 bigger compartment to just put anything!

Good luck! xx


2 Commentaires

  1. Maëlle
    9th octobre 2015 / 4:38

    My dear Marie, thanks for this beautiful article, I’m far away from you but I think about you so much.
    I want to participate and win this jewellery box because it is made by you, and I’m never disapointed when it comes to what you do!
    Love You! <3

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