Couches castle, aka Marguerite de Bourgogne’s castle


After Digoine, we’ll change style, we’ll change time, and we’ll change the atmosphere too. After Digoine, we’ll visit Couches and its castle, as known as Marguerite de Bourgogne’s castle. Simpler, more rustic, Couches castle is a medieval castle we can observe – through small and bigger details – the transformation throughout history.

You’ll be welcomed by a guide in full traditional dress and you’ll start the visit by the tower, where there once were the lord’s office, Madam’s apartment and the lord’s one on the last floor.

We’ll then discover the magnificent 12th-century chapel, originally built in a Romanesque style, and rebuilt in the 15th century in a flamboyant gothic style.

After having left the chapel through a little door, situated behind the altar, we’ll find ourselves in the weapons’ room and we’ll be able to observe all sorts of pieces that once constituted the armour and the equipment of a knight. Before becoming the weapons’ room, this place corresponded to the courtroom. Finally, before taking what appears to be a secret passage, the guide will take us to the dungeon, which was 14 metres deep only a few centuries ago.

To conclude this visit, a small door, hidden by the flowers and the plants, will open and lead us to the underground passage. A pretty dark and gloomy place, but a place that is filled with history. A history, a past we can almost smell and feel while brushing past the walls of this underground…



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