Like Bubbles, questions get popped

like bubbles 1

I wouldn’t usually publish two ‘Wednesday video’ posts on the same day but let’s say today is an exception, since I’ve just stumbled upon one of the sweetest video ever filmed. It is a surprise and so very original proposal…

It all began when Joshua Dela Cruz asked his girlfriend and former classmate, Amanda Phillips, to help him make a professional demo reel. When in reality, he was just preparing and working on his perfect and unique proposal to her…

like bubbles 2

Both young artists and now engaged lovers danced their heart out to the tune “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Frank Sinatra.

They were dancing, they were dancing with their love, they were dancing in love, when suddenly, Joshua turned to the cameraman and said ‘Last take!’. So they started dancing again, only to give Joshua the chance to finally drops on one knee and propose to Amanda, surrounded by bubbles and whose eyes were filled with magic…


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