Instagram Gems #2

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Hey there, friends!

It’s Fridayyyyy! Meaning today’s time for a new episode of Instagram Gems. This week, I chose to focus on another type of accounts, i.e. those of the travellers, the wanderers, the dreamers and the curious fellows, who – I hope – will make you travel and see new horizons.

Since this is the first Instagram Gems whose theme is ‘travel’, you’ll discover my first five favourite Instagramers who are quintessentially free spirits…

☁ ☁ ☁

@vorosmate vorosmate


Maté’s Instagram feed simply is stunning and also very clever! He has a way of associating every little things of life to nature. He’s one of those persons who praise nature, its beauty and its benefits to the human soul. His account is definitely worth checking out!



Rebecca lives a country life by the sea, which constitutes her main source of inspiration when it comes to her Instagram feed. Her gallery is very pure and refreshing. It also features some bright colours as well as yummies, which could almost make her fit into my ‘lifestyle Instagramers‘ category ^^. She takes beautiful photos and is definitely a must-follow!

You can also check her photography website here.

@zachallia zachallia


Zach says ‘he can’t sit still’… and this is something you can quite easily fathom when you see his photos. His gallery is a constant movement, sometimes featuring some quite extreme-looking situations, which gives your heart goosebumps. But if I had to sum up his feed in just a few words, I would say it has the road trip vibe!

@lostinthisbigworld lostinthisbigworld


Lost in this big world is from Germany and kinda following the hipster vibe currently going on. I haven’t been following her for a very long time, but – apart from account name I absolutely adore – I love the way she captures unique and magic simple moments of her daily life. It’s a gallery that is just starting to be built, but it’s already very promising!

@padoune padoune


Alex is a Corsican wanderlust enthusiast, photographer and travel blogger, whose blog has the same name as mine. On my way is a wonderful source of inspiration and escape from all things reality, and her Instagram account truly is up to it! 


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