Hey friends! Happy Monday!

As you might have seen on Instagram or Facebook, I found some old family travel photos this weekend and I started gathering some to create new posts for my TRAVEL section :)!

Today, I’m very excited because tomorrow morning, I’m heading to London with my little brother (you’ll by the way see a photo of, where he was being Jack Sparrow quite a few years ago! Not very convincing, is he?! HAHA, if you read this, Pierre-André, I LOVE U!) and my best friend, Amelie :)

I’ll try to do as usual and publish some photos of our 3-day trip on my Instagram account (my brother may do the same, so if you wish, I think you’ll also be able to check his photos @pad_kiri) but this is gonna be pretty intense, so we’ll do our best to bring a SO British touch to your summer holidays!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos that were taken in the beautiful city of Cannes in southern France (which I’m sure everybody knows ^^) – I hope they’ll nicely kick off your Monday ;)

Love, Love, Love 💗
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