An afternoon in the park (Parc de la Verrerie & Jardin des Terrasses)

Jardin des Terrasses…jardin 5

Located opposite the Parc de la Verrerie, the Jardin des Terrasses is a wasteland, filled with the industrial vestiges of the past.

‘In front of the castle, there was a platform overlooking the blast furnaces as well as their operative elements: gas boilers, coke ovens, ore dumpers, and sedimentation basins. When the blast furnaces stopped working in 1935, the platform was abandoned and transformed into a public garden, where one can observe the vestiges of the past.’ – Touristic guide 2015 (Creusot-Montceau Tourism)

You won’t spend an entire afternoon in the Jardin des Terrasses, but it is still worth checking out before or after your relaxing moment in the Parc de la Verrerie…

… At least in order for you to admire this public garden, slowly turning into a modern art gallery. Indeed, there have already been a few artists, who left a signature, a mark of their visit in this place, which continues to write its story each and everyday.

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‘This beautiful park ‘à l’anglaise’ is a green lung in the heart of the city.’ – Touristic guide 2015 (Tourisme Creusot-Montceau)

Of course, it is neither the majestic Hyde Park, nor the royal Saint-James Park, but it is no coincidence that the Parc de la Verrerie is surnamed ‘parc à l’anglaise’!

Immense stretches of grass, where locals and tourists meet in a relaxing afternoon: this is how one could describe the Parc de la Verrerie in Le Creusot.

This park is also home of a few playgrounds for children, artificial lakes, and different animals come from all around the world and for the greatest pleasure of curious children and adults.

So, to all of those who aspire to calm, who are sensitive to the call of nature and its serenity, to all the strollers and avid readers looking for a place far from everything but not quite, the Parc de la Verrerie is your summer place to be!

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2 Commentaires

  1. Stuart
    26th juillet 2015 / 8:50

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    • Marie
      26th juillet 2015 / 1:11

      Thank your :)
      Welcome to where I was born ;) xx

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