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Taking off…


Hey there,

It is with a bit of a teary mood that I’m writing this post about the last Little Box I’ll ever receive… well, that sounds slightly melodramatic, I know, but let’s just say that is the last box I could afford before moving to the most expensive – but oh, so amazing –  city that is London!

London is indeed a beautiful city, where you can be yourself and open yourself up without fearing any kind of judgement from anyone. It is an even greater place to study and broaden your horizons, but why on earth, does it have to be so bloody expensive?!?!?!?!

Anyway, back to My Little Ocean Box, June’s Little Box, whose theme is all about taking off and finding one’s own happy place. Sounds familiar?! It sure does for me and there honestly couldn’t be a better box to end this subscription :)

It’s not me, it’s my purse! 

But well, enough babbling for now, let’s get down to serious business! :p

Content of the box: A pair of Sarah Lavoine purple sunglasses (LOVE THEM!!!) – My Little World Magazine – a Kanako illustration – two cachepots illustrated by the extremely talented Kanako – Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil – a ‘Loved By… Sarah Lavoine’ nail polish – a My Little Beauty sailor scrub *salty fresh*

« The most precious crystals are often where you least expect them to be… »

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