Letters to June /// 4


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  1. 5th juin 2015 / 12:16

    I really like your letters to June! They are sweet and full of poetry, well done :-) and congratulations for your admission at UAL!


    • Marie
      6th juin 2015 / 12:57

      Hey :)
      Thank you so much Anaelle! Your words have just brightened my day ;) The ‘letters’ concept was first Emily Diana Ruth’s idea (you should also check her channel, I’m sure you would love it :))
      Do you know UAL? Are you a student there?

      • 8th juin 2015 / 9:31

        No I am not a student there but I would have loved to be :)
        I studied English at university and at one point I was considering doing a degree abroad but in the end I didn’t.
        Now I live near London where I’m a French Assistant and some of my students talked about UAL. Apparently it’s quite famous – so, lucky you :)
        Are you going to study there as an Erasmus student or did you apply on your own?

        I’ve checked Emily Diana Ruth’s channel and you were right, I love it :)

        Have a lovely day,

        Anaëlle xx

        • Marie
          8th juin 2015 / 11:27

          I see :) Maybe we’ll bump into one another someday :)
          And I applied on my own :) I didn’t want to go as an Erasmus student because it’s never really the same ^^
          Have a nice day too!

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