A New Beginning…

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This article marks the start of a new beginning for me – professionally as well as personally – for the blog and for so many other things… in short, for my life in general :)!

You might remember this board of mine I decorated when I came back from England in September 2013… Well, it’s come a long way and so have I. It’s been slightly more than a week now that I moved out from my flat in Lyon and came back to my home town in Burgundy. Since then, I’ve spent my time unpacking, tidying and cleaning the house, cooking, and doing the paperwork that needed to be done.

Yesterday was the time for me to take care of the last touch of my newly decorated room: THE board.

I’m not gonna lie; it took me quite some time to take off the photos of this board… I guess I just wasn’t ready to view my most recent experiences of life as (already) souvenirs….

But then, I thought of what I already knew: this is not the end, this is the beginning. In other words, only the chapter is closing – not the book.


You’ll be able to see this new version of my board very soon in a ‘room tour’ video (because now that I’ve unpacked and tidied and cleaned everything, I’ll be more than proud to present my nice little (and you’ll see very girly) room in Burgundy ;)

Much much love <3


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