Magic Moments #26 (April & Finals Month)

Magic Moments # (April & Finals month)2

Hi everyone :)

I’m finally back after a month filled with stress, anxiety and a lot of work – in a word – with FINALS! Now I’m back on here, back in Burgundy and ready to share many new stories and adventures with you all.

This summer is going to be pretty busy for me since I have a lot of things ahead: my internship by a local newspaper, for which I’ll do journalism as well as a bit of translation, the new design of my blog and the tons of articles & videos I’ve already planned to do, the last but not least details I have left to deal with as far as my moving to London and starting a MA are concerned, and my photography business I’ve just started :)

For now and since I came back, I’ve been busy doing not-very-fun things, like unpacking, tidying, cleaning and so on but hopefully, this will be over soon and I’ll be able to get back to greater stuff :D

I guess I’ll leave you with this new issue of Magic Moments now and we’ll speak soon :)

Magic Moments # (April & Finals month)3 Magic Moments # (April & Finals month)1 Magic Moments # (April & Finals month) Magic Moments # (April & Finals month)4

Stamp my heart with your tears,
May they be of joy or sadness.
Stamp my soul with your words
And I’ll know how to handle them.

(top left photo)Magic Moments # (April & Finals month)6

Summer’s coming and the beautiful light is already showing itself. What more could you want now to take some lovely photos?! If you’re tempted, feel free to send me an email at ONMYWAYBYMARIE@GMAIL.COM and let me know what you’d like :) Speak soon!

See my photography website HERE

(top right photo)Magic Moments # (April & Finals month)5

It is all getting very real now. I’m leaving soon. And this is the beginning of another end. The first steps to another goodbye. This is me preparing myself to speak these words I’m still not quite ready to release…

(bottom right photo)

First piece of my new blog design revealed today!
Let me introduce you to my official new logo!
Really can’t wait to start working more concretely on the new layout of the blog!
Also, I wanted to say a BIG FAT ‘THANK YOU’ to those of you who donated to help me make this project come to life – you have no idea how much this means to me!

If some of you would like to further help me, you can also donate HERE

(top right photo)


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