Easter 2015

EASTER 2015 omwbymarie 1

Hey folks! How are you doing? I hope well even though it’s already the end of a three-day weekend, which I am personally quite happy with because I can’t stand not doing anything, although I haven’t been doing nothing, I have worked every single day of this supposedly ‘relaxing’ weekend!

But anyway, I wanted to post a few photos today and write a couple of words to wish you a happy Easter. I’m taking some time between two lapses of intense revisions to finally take time to write to you and tell you more or less precisely what’s been going on in my life so far.

Well… I am seeing the end of this last year at ESTRI more and more clearly now, which makes me quite sad and nostalgic but also very excited knowing that something hopefully great and new is waiting for me next year. Also, I have found an internship in a local newspaper in France, so I’ll be in a journalist’s shoes the whole summer and I’m really looking forward to this new experience.

EASTER 2015 omwbymarie 2

I’m obviously putting the finishing touches to my application forms for my MAs, which I thought I could send earlier but they have got slightly nightmare-y! I am now considering two different universities in London (LSBU – London South Bank University & UAL – University of Arts London) but I won’t tell you more about their programs now and up until I know if I’m accepted or not. Also since yesterday, I’ve got a track for a potential roommate and accommodation opportunity in London for next year so… I’ve got my fingers crossed.

On a maybe less positive note, I’m preparing my finals and getting ready to spend my entire summer in Burgundy, in the house I grew up in, and in other words, in a place where I’m feeling very depressed currently.

I had gone back home for this Easter weekend but decided to come back yesterday afternoon because the atmosphere at home was unbearable, and maybe that’s a little bit selfish but I needed to breathe and be in a ‘normal’ and psychologically quiet environment to revise my Australian and Canadian civilisation ^^. I’m not sure I want to talk about what’s going on at home on here, but I know I’m happy to be back in Lyon now and to return to uni tomorrow (even though we have exams in German :p and a Spanish course to finish the day!!!).

Anyway, I hope YOU had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the Easter spirit with your family :)

With all my love <3

EASTER 2015 omwbymarie 3

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