Magic Moments #25

Magic Moments #252

March 2015…

I’m always a little upset to see some people go out of my strange little universe, unlike and unfollow my blog. But I can’t force them to stay. The only thing is that it makes me wonder what went wrong, what I did wrong.

I know there are times when I’m not as present on the blog as I’d like to be but I also have my life outside this 2.0 world (very much linked, that’s for sure, but still sometimes quite incompatible) and this life is being very demanding currently.

I’m sincerely doing my best not to disappoint anyone and always improve the posts so… it’s a little tough to see these people go. No hard feelings, though! I promise.

It somehow makes me sad but at the same time, I’m happy to continue my journey and keep on walking on my way with people who genuinely want to stay.

I’m not a blogger who organises tons of contests to make you win amazing gifts but I enjoy doing what I do and writing my heart out and sharing it all with you… and my greatest happiness lies in your very own. This happiness that comes up through your loveliest feedback and messages and ongoing support :).

Life is tough. We can’t hope to please everyone because we simply won’t. But we can hope to make a difference. To help. To love. To move forward. To heal. To heal others but also ourselves. Magic Moments #25 Magic Moments #253 Magic Moments #251

Also, I just wanted to say thank you to those who’ve already donated for my coming up blog design :)

YOU can also help me fund this project by simply clicking on the ‘gofundme’ button on the right sidebar of my blog :)

Thanks ever so much for all your support!

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