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Anxiety… Something I know way too well. But there’s a positive thing about it today: I’ve had to deal with it for so many years that I now have gathered some tips to fight it and feel a little bit better when it visits me. I think I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING, from homeopathy to heavier treatments, but I eventually realised that the solutions could be found in very, very, very simple things.

I think I could compare it with my experience of depression. I might not have written about this before, but I have been through depression when I was in high school. And at some point, the doctors told me I needed to go see a psychologist, which I did by the way… but only four times. I thought that it was a huge waste of money, a waste of time and a waste of everything. From that moment on, I decided to take care of my own situation. Of course, it wasn’t easy but I did it. And if you’re currently in a similar situation, I can assure you that you can do it too. I started writing more often, getting lost between some beautiful pages of books, riding again & as soon as I could, but the thing that truly got me back on my feet was travelling… to England (don’t you wonder why this country’s so important to me, now! :p). Anyway, my point is you need to keep it simple! Thanks daily efforts and everyday’s amazing little things, you can go through tough times. YOU JUST HAVE TO KEEP IT SIMPLE!

And it’s exactly the same thing with anxiety. Don’t go look for heavy treatments or see medical specialists to solve your problem! Only you can do it because no one knows yourself better than YOU do. I mean it depends on the person; sometimes people will need a little big help, but very often I think the more complex the remedy, the less effective.

My few simple tips here are very personal and may not work for you but maybe they’ll do… so, let’s give it chance, shall we?! ;)

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The number one solution to literally any problems of my life and that of course includes anxiety is tea. When I feel stressed and a tad anxious, I simply make myself a nice cup of tea (with one or two sugars, depending on the mood). It can be any sorts of tea you fancy; it just has to be a pipping hot cup you hold in your hands and that will make you feel all relaxed. Sure thing! 

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My second tip to fight anxiety is none but the fantastic ‘music, dancing & singing’ trio. You don’t have to be a Broadway star or a West End performer at all, you just have to be you, put some music on, sing if you want to sing, dance if you want to dance, do both if you fancy, and just enjoy the moment and think of nothing but the great star you could one day become in the eyes of the big world… that is your room ^^!

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Other things I can think of to battle anxiety are essential oils. Once again, it does not have to work for everybody but if it does work, I find it a pretty nice way to help you relax.

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Then comes the obvious good warm shower you can have anytime… if you’re home :p! I know I always feel very good after a shower; I feel relaxed and chilled out, ready to get back to work or face an exam, an interview or any other challenge.

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And last but not least is the irreplaceable hot water bottle! Fill it and squeeze it against your belly and your stress issue is all sorted! For me, it works miraculously! Who knows? It may do for you too ;)!

Well, that’s it, folks! These were my top tips to fight stress and anxiety. Even though I know nothing works the same way for everyone, I still hope this will help or at least give some simple ideas to some of you who deal with anxiety on a daily basis :)

If you also have some personal solutions as how to manage your stress, please feel free to share them in the comments :)

Love always <3

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    • Marie
      22nd mars 2015 / 10:35

      Exactly :) and I’m so happy we can do this little something to help :)
      Really liked your post by the way ;)

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