Magic Moments #24 – The Second Chapter Of The Year

Magic Moments #24 - the second chapter of the year4

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, discover or re-discover my February 2015 through my little shots and words of my heart.

It’s been more than five years that I’m living underneath earth, in the most sombre, lowest ebb. Only when I met HIM did I rise back to the surface. He was the sunshine that drew me out of my inner darkness. He became immensely important in my life and in my heart and today… here’s what I’d like to tell him: ‘You were the right person at a dreadful time, the light of the day dragging me out of an unending night. It’s no luck really, but it’s YOU I came across then. And shame on me now! At that very moment I was trying to move on with my life, I’ve never felt such a need to talk to you or not to talk at all but simply be next to you. At this very time when I’m embroiled in a new free fall that’ll lead me to whatever other dark abyss of my soul, I think I need to see this beautiful light again. To simply rest next to your heartbeat and slowly fall asleep in your arms. Oh if you knew how much I need to sleep now… My nights are only made of tears and silent cries. For goodness sake! But why does it have to be YOU? After all, I don’t know you all this well! But I do know that I feel comfortable and safe around you, as if nothing terrible could hurt me very badly. And that’s enough.

(top left photo) 

Magic Moments #24 - the second chapter of the year2You were never listening to your heart. And now… you have lost mine.

(top left photo) 

It’s a little complicated in my head currently. It’s a little messy in my heart… There are so many things I like about him… and here, distance doesn’t matter: it is never going to change anything. I like his very self-confident-looking step when he actually is quite terrified. I like his eyes and I like him always looking at me as if he was watching over me, protecting me. I like the way he smiles his little smile, the one meaning he knows, meaning that he just knows. I like his being always so tender, gentle and delicate to me. I like feeling his comforting arm on my shoulder. It makes me feel safe… I like his voice and I like him saying my name. He makes it sound like such a sweet melody. I like his shyness when he sometimes asks me for a favour. And I like the way he thinks I believe him when he tells me he’s been reading my last writings and blogs. I just like the energy he puts into trying to convince me of this so that I’ll accept to help him do this little something when I am already more than likely to say yes. I like him liking my work. And I liked him writing to me I was amazing. I just really like him and (yes!) more than I should… But I need to let this go. It’s time. I know it’s time.

(Bottom right photo) 

Magic Moments #24 - the second chapter of the year3

Writing a book or actually simply writing is like archiving. Archiving thoughts, feelings, emotions, doubts, fears and joys. Hope, dreams, tenderness and love.

Écrire un livre ou même écrire tout simplement, c’est un peu comme faire de l’archivage. De l’archivage de pensée, de sentiments, d’émotions, de doutes, de peurs et de joie. D’espoir, de rêve, de tendresse et d’amour.

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Magic Moments #24 - the second chapter of the year Magic Moments #24 - the second chapter of the year1 Magic Moments #24 - the second chapter of the year5I need someone to tell me everything’s gonna be ok. Not because that’s what you say in such a situation but because you mean it. I need someone to tell me everything’s gonna be alright. Eventually.

(Bottom right photo) 

Magic Moments #24 - the second chapter of the year6Can you help me? 


As you maybe know, I would like to completely re-design my blog over the summer so that it matches the personality of the person I have become – a grown-up wiser woman! :D (#theysay ^^) But regarding my current situation, I decided to ask for your help to make this little project of mine a reality… I usually don’t ask for help – especially financial – but I guess I’ll make an exception this time :) If you decide to help me fund my little summer project, I would be extremely very grateful and if you don’t, I still want to thank you for taking some of your time to read my story and maybe share it :)

ANYWAY, YOU CAN HELP ME by reading, sharing and/or funding :) And do not forget that every little donation (even the 2-euro one) means the world to me! :)

Love always, Marie


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