Dreaming of Lanzarote

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The sun, the beaches, the palm trees, the turquoise water, the sand, the handsome men and the warm days… well, PARADISE! That’s what I’m dreaming of right now. Revisions are giving me a headache and even though I’m supposed to be on holidays, I work every single day on my university exams and diverse assignments! Kinda sucks, right?! I really thought I’d be able to rest and get on with my blog’s business this week but I had to go back to more ordinary and basic things!

Fortunately – and for once – the assignment for my Spanish class took me to a world of beauty and wonder, where I have not been since I was only very little. This place is called Lanzarote and is one of the easternmost Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sadly, I won’t be able to go to Lanzarote very soon but maybe you will! Thanks to Lanzarote Holidays, you’ll discover the magic of this autonomous island while exploring the spectacular volcanic landscapes, which seem to belong to a faraway world where the warmth of the centre of Earth comes skim over the surface. You’ll get to relax on calm and resting white-sand beaches along some of the clearest water, and you’ll enjoy contemplating incredible views from the surrounding small islands…

Lanzarote is THE different Canary Island. Besides gazing at all its wonders, the island has a wide range of activities to suit the entire family! The two ones I would be the most tempted by are:

  • Camel riding

Discover the beautiful Timanfaya National Park with a short camel trek through the volcanic landscapes.

  • Scuba Diving

Lanzarote has lovely temperate waters with incredible visibility. Experienced divers can enjoy a range of dives in various locations around the island, the favourites are found in Charco del Palo and Puerto del Carmen. Why not book a try dive whilst you’re here and see for yourself! J

Oh, come on! I know you won’t resist the call of this enchanting island and Spanish accent that more than one of you will melt for! Plus, it’s only 4 hours 15 minutes away from Gatwick! ;)

When I first went to the Canary Islands, I was something like 4 years old and do not therefore have a distinct recollection of our family trip. Luckily, my mum used to print all of her photos and keep them in various albums J. I thus scanned them and decided to share them with you here J !


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  1. Stuart
    21st février 2015 / 6:52

    Such a gorgeous cutie even back then :) xo

    • Marie
      23rd février 2015 / 9:36

      haha cheers! :p

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