A Love Letter to The Beautiful Now

‘Some people care too much.
I think it’s called love.’
– Winnie the pooh

Letter to the beautiful NOW

Dear Now,

I’ve been willing to write this letter for days now. Please, forgive me if it’s clumsy but I felt the need to write down what my heart had just realised.

4 months. That’s what’s left before we go our separate ways. 4 months before everything changes… again. 4 months. That’s nothing and still quite something at the same time. Just 4 months before we have to say goodbye and start again.

Life is moving so fast. Too fast to miss out anything… I get it now.

I am super excited about going back to the UK this September and studying something that’s always been an immense part of me, something that is part of my very identity… but I can also already feel the nostalgia coming and moving faster every single day. And today, I would like to make a promise. I promise I’ll make the best of my few last months at uni, the best of my last days in France; I promise I’ll never forget anything and that I’ll cherish all of those moments, but I also promise that I won’t get stuck in the past for such an eternity like I did…

There are a few words by John Lennon you might know that say: ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’. I had never truly understood him until now. I’ve been living in a beautiful memory for a quite long time and I think there are some great things I’ve missed out. I was blind and lost, wandering in the past when I should have looked a little more carefully at my present, at what was happening in front of my eyes, at something I’ve always seen though never really seen, something I’ve always heard but never carefully listened to… And that something, dear Now, is you.

You’ve always been here, sometimes rough and tough on me but often very kind and supportive… but I was looking elsewhere, in another direction, thinking I knew everything… but life has that tricky little thing that is constantly challenging you.

It feels really weird to write this now, but I’ve got this credo in life that says to always tell or write down the murmurs of your heart. That’s what I’m trying to do with this letter.

So maybe this letter is a mistake. But if it is, it is a beautiful one.

I hope you’ll forgive me for having been so silly and I hope my future present will be as great as you’ve been, if not more (that is all anyone could wish for, right?!).

Love always,



2 Commentaires

  1. Stuart
    14th février 2015 / 9:31

    Inspiring words. So much to love about where you are at now. It’s your time to shine Marie, it’s your spring so stand tall, push toward the sun and open up your beauty into full bloom. :)

    • Marie
      15th février 2015 / 8:37


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