Crêpes D’Amour on Valentine’s Day

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Tomorrow’s Valentine’s day and for this lovely day of the year, I’d like to suggest the simplest, easiest and yummiest recipe there’s ever existed: I am obviously talking about crepes! The ones I make on Valentine’s day are the “crêpes d’amour” (“crepes of love” in English) and here’s what you need to do to cook some :)

Crêpes d'Amour
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  1. (for about 10 crêpes)
  2. * 3 eggs
  3. * 6 table spoons of flour
  4. * milk
  5. * ⅔ table spoons of sugar
  1. Mix all of the ingredients.
  2. Spill a ladleful of dough in a previously lightly greased pan, and make your crêpes!
On My Way
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I also made a quick banana milkshake (mix half of a banana with some milk) to accompany my crêpes d’amour <3!

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