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‘I can’t think without my glasses.’ – Vivienne Westwood

They won’t protect you from the sun, they won’t heal your eyes but they’re surely going to prevent their situation from worsening. They come from Japan and were conceived to match your lifestyle. Indeed, the Eddie & Watson glasses limit the effects of days spent in front of screens: with them, you can goodbye to eyestrains, migraines, etc.

How do they work? Well, they basically filter blue light that your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. use to attack your eyes!

I’ve been wearing them in the evening while watching TV for nearly two weeks now and all I can say is… it works! However, although it might be personal, the first times I wore them made me feel a bit dizzy; I guess it was just a matter of time but I thought it would be good to know ;)

If you ever fancy trying them out and have a cheeky buy tonight, you can click the link below!

Eddie & Watson WEBSITE 

With this, I am wishing you a lovely evening! Take care.

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  1. Claire worsnop
    7th Mar 2016 / 5:22 PM

    Could you please tell me where I can purchase Edie&Watson in the uk please ?

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