Magic Moments #23 – First Steps into 2015

Instamagic #23 January 20154

The lovers’ month has just started but I think it’s nonetheless not too late to go back to January for a little while and remember the good as well as the not so good moments we’ve been experiencing. Here are mine, reminisced through photos and words! Hope you’ll enjoy the ride ;)

Love always <3

What do we do now? Well… We make a promise. We make the promise to never forget and to keep writing, keep drawing, keep creating. We make the promise to take care of our world, to peacefully keep fighting against terrorism with our most powerful weapons: our hearts and pens. With them and with love, we’ll win and we’ll endlessly celebrate the beautiful face of life and freedom !

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Instamagic #23 January 20158 Instamagic #23 January 20157 Instamagic #23 January 20156

Jumping off a cliff. Telling someone you love them. Daring to get out of your comfort zone. Trying something new. Taking THAT step. Taking THAT risk… What’s the worst that can happen anyway? You’ll make mistakes. You’ll fall and you’ll fail. But that’s ok. That’s part of the game. It’s how you get back on your feet that matters, and your capability to achieve it. Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams. Nothing, you hear me?! Not money. Not people. Nothing. Especially not money. And especially not people. Everything is possible if you have heart, hope and positivity in your very soul. Keep dreaming, keep moving, keep working!

(Bottom left photo) Instamagic #23 January 20155 eddie and watson Instamagic #23 January 2015

Find people who make you read your life like you read a book. Find people who make you watch your life you watch a movie. Find people who make you live your life like it’s one of your favourite stories.

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This is probably one of the saddest times of the year: soon we’ll take the Christmas tree off, Christmas markets are for the most part (if not all) already closed and next week will mark the start of an exam-filled month! I’d just really like to go back in time sometimes, wouldn’t you?!

(top right photo) 

Instamagic #23 January 20151

Nothing’s ever really random in what I write. There’s always something behind it. Just like nothing’s ever really random in what we feel. There’s always someone behind, making us feel the way we do.

(Bottom left photo) Instamagic #23 January 20152

I can never forget what happened but I’m a hopeless hopeful person, who always wants to see the best in people… I miss having my mum around here… Who am I supposed to talk to about those girls’ things dads know nothing about or try their best to avoid the questions, the talks and just escape? I would love to have my mummy back so that she can tell me what I am supposed to do with that guy I like, how I’m supposed to deal with my future, my doubts and my fears… I mean, as a woman would do. She is who she is – I won’t change her – but today, I think I can forgive her. Forgiving is hard. It takes time but I am absolutely convinced it is not impossible.

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Instamagic #23 January 20153The world scares me… I do not have words tonight, for my tears swallowed them all. I feel like these horrendous days have been a turning point, like they’ve finally and hopefully made most people realise how much unity counts – whatever our origin, nationality, religion and gender – how much hope and dreams of a brighter future matter, how essential love is to our lives – because if you do not love others, everyone, then you hate and hate is the most dangerous poison! With all my heart, I wish this grief that is tearing my chest apart could leave, disappear. But at the same time, I want it to stay and I want it to keep burning my soul so that one day it can turn into the sweetest but surely most powerful weapon – that of love! This way, tolerance and respect will be achieved – but in this way only. Violent retaliations are the reasons why the world is bleeding and has been suffering for years – centuries even! Let’s be peacemakers – not war declarers, let’s be lovers – not haters, and let’s be hopeful for the world is such a wonder that was left to us to be taken care of.

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‘Love others so radically they wonder why.’ – Jefferson Bethke

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There’s so much hate in the world. So much violence. I don’t really know what to say or what to write for fear of being clumsy… Maybe some of you will think it’s not the right time, but since yesterday was a day of hate, I would like in my own little way to make today a day of love… for love will always be stronger than hate. For my part, I published a new video on my YouTube channel to tell someone I care a lot about how much I like him. Maybe you too will want to promote love today – in your own little way. Let’s be envoys of love instead of hate, of hope instead of despair, of peace instead of war. That’s what will light up out world!

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