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Today, I’d like to share with you some photos I took while walking around Shoreditch this summer. You may know this is an area of London that’s very dear to me, since it represents quite a part of the creative and artistic universe, and is a great temple of the freedom of expression.

Speaking of arts and creation, I shall think this article is a godsend for me to tell you more about one of my 2015 projects, which is that of writing a book. I started writing it and actually write a bit of it each and every day. I’m still not really sure of what the title will be but the principle is quite easy: it simply is a collection of daily words of my heart, a rather original (at least, I think!) 2015 diary, echoing my New Year’s Eve post… (you’ll know more once I’ll hopefully finish writing it on NYE this year ^^ – though you might actually already have read some extracts without realising it…).

And the last thing I wanted to talk about in this blogpost was the new university project I took part into this week… It is a lovely little thing organised by our school, which consists of sharing one of our photos taken abroad, in a city or special place of the city along with some words of our heart… I obviously shared a photo of London and wrote this caption alongside… (which will also be in THE book, by the way ^^)

‘The road is inspiring. The journey is thought-provoking. And the destination is never-ending. It was a tad more than two years ago now that I left France to head to the gorgeous land of Albion and start what has until today been the greatest adventure of my life.

It changed me and mended me in a way very few things will ever be able to.

London was never where I spent most of my time during my first six months abroad… However that is where most changes and mending occurred.

London meant the end of my underwater living, the last day, hour and second spent in my imprisoning shell – the time when I was lost and found again.

But it was not the city that changed me and mended me. It was the people. They were the keys to my self rediscovery.

So before you leave, just remember that… you find yourself more in souls than in countries, more in hearts than in cities.’

Love always,



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2 Commentaires

  1. Amélie
    21st janvier 2015 / 3:37

    Oh Marie! Your words are always so inspiring!
    I LOVE these pictures!

    • Marie
      21st janvier 2015 / 12:45

      thanks, my lovely <3
      hope you're well

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