*My Little Box by Make my Lemonade*

Christmas cheer. LOADING…



I know Christmas and December are now over but I haven’t had time to publish everything I wanted to before the end of 2014 so today, I’ll start by sharing the content of the last Little Box, which was created by Lisa, the lovely elf behind the blog MAKE MY LIMONADE.

My Little Box by MAKE MY LEMONADE’s content:

* the traditional illustration ‘Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling’  

* My Little World magazine (December issue) 

* a warm and beautiful winter headband 

* everything to wrap the christmas presents (washitape, tags…) 

* a red lipstik 

* a body lotion 

* some eye shadow

I won’t babble any longer – I promise – I’ll let you discover this box through my photos but I would simply like to share the new article by Margot from the blog YOU MAKE FASHION whose photos are absolutely beautiful ! If you fancy having a glimpse, follow this little LINK :)

Wishing you all once again a very happy and beautiful new year

Love always x
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