Arrow [TV Series Review]


To celebrate the end of 2014, I’d like to share one of the TV series that marked this past year – at least, in my opinion – and as you have probably already noticed, the series I chose to write about and review is Arrow.

Before I start talking about the series itself and telling you why I incredibly quickly became an addict, I should probably let you know how this story all started…

It was a Saturday afternoon and I remember telling my brother to get out of his room and do something productive instead of just lying in bed watching series all day. ‘But you can’t understand, it’s Arrow’ he said. And god knows at that time I had absolutely no notion – not a single clue- of the effects this TV show had on people. I remember I had finished working for the day and after having read and worked on at least five different articles from The Economist dealing with the current coalition government in the UK and other uni stuff of that kind – the only thing I sincerely fancied was to settle, have a good old English tea – with milk, please! (There’s truly no such thing to cheer you up!) – and watch telly and… there I was, wrapped up in a snuggly and softy blanket on the white sofa of my living room, finding myself watching whatever TV shit was already on (because to be honest, I couldn’t even bother zapping! :p) and here I was in front of one of the last episodes of the second season of Arrow (not that shitty after all!). I didn’t understand much of it – I mean… it all made sense once I would start from scratch the following weekend – but I knew one thing: I was going to love it!

Arrow is the story of Oliver Queen, a rich boy, who found himself stuck on an island after his father’s luxurious yacht crashed. He was gone for five years before coming back to Starling City, his hometown. Once back, he has only one thing in mind: right his father’s wrong. Quickly the wise-looking member of the team, Diggle, and the super IT girl, Felicity, join him in his crusade. Obviously, Oliver’s using a cover while fighting the ‘villains’ of his city and have himself called ‘the vigilante’ first, before switching to the now-mythical name, ‘The Arrow’.



The TV series was launched in 2012 and is directed by Andrew Kreisberg, who’s also the director of the new similar hero-like series, The Flash (which I also started watching and that is quite as addictive). The role of the mysterious and handsome Oliver Queen was undertaken by none but Stephen Amell, notably accompanied by David Ramsey and Emily Bett Rickards in his quest.

What I find really interesting in the series is that it has two plots: the first one being the story of Oliver back in Starling City and his being a hero, and the second one being the story of the five past years he spent on an island.

The series is amazing: it mixes suspense, wisdom and some life lessons that make it awesome for everyone to watch – boys and girls. But the core idea of this TV show is in my opinion what it is to come back and never ever be the same person again… And God knows how well I know that feeling, which is also maybe why I encountered no major difficulties entering and getting lost in the universe of Oliver Queen.

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