What #ALittleInLove means to me… 

A little in love is that feeling I get

when I see the text I just got

is from you,

When you call me dearest

And my heart starts beating a little bit harder,

going a tad faster than a racing car,

And making me feel

like I'm on a roller coaster.

A little in love means

My favourite place to get lost

is the depth of your caring eyes,

And my favourite song

is the sweet melody of your voice

Saying my name.

A little in love is that uncontrollable feeling,

That eye contact

held for a second longer than normal.

That shiver in my chest

when you come closer.

It is your name written on my notebook

- the most beautiful word in the world.

A little in love is not a dream.

It is you and me happening at the same time,

not always in the same place.

A little in love is real.

You’re really there

and I’m really here,

And this is all very real.

 A little in love are all those too many words

in my head,

those too many ways

always failing to describe the way I feel.

A little in love means it’s complicated

but if it wasn’t,

it probably wouldn’t be love.

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