Xmas Lights In My Little Hometown


Hello my sweet candy canes!

This weekend is now coming to an end and it’s been once again a pretty intense one, but I’m starting to get used to it ^^

I had a lot of work but I nevertheless found some time to go to the switching on of the Christmas lights of my little hometown. Oh, I don’t have thousands of photos to share but just a few that I hope will bring the Christmas spirit straight to your place :) Speaking of Christmas, my brother and I had planned to decorate the christmas tree today but because of a lack of time, it’s been once again postponed to next weekend! :/ Don’t worry, it’ll be ready before the 25th… at least, I hope! And you’ll probably even have the possibility to have a very special look at the making-of ! :D

So many exciting things to come!!! What about you, have you been to the switching on of the xmas lights of your town? Let me know :)




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